Shisen Hanten tasting notes and delivery menu

Szechwan splendour springs into full bloom this Lunar New Year.

With the fresh beginning of 2022, joyous reunions and bountiful feasts are abound as two-Michelin-starred Shisen Hanten by Chef Kentaro—the highest Michelin-rated Chinese restaurant in Singapore—ushers in the Year of the Tiger with a roaring and resplendent ensemble of festive dine-in set menus, a la carte springtime specials emboldened with Szechwan sensibilities, and festive takeaway goodies available from 10 January 2022 onwards.

Szechwan stripes for the year of the Tiger

Here's all you need to know about Shisen Hanten's Lunar New Year 2022 menu


Highest Michelin-rated Chinese Restaurant in Singapore

A restaurant rooted with a proud culinary history, Shisen Hanten’s story dates back to 1958 when it was founded by Chen Kenmin who is hailed as the “Father of Szechwan cuisine” in Japan. Following his retirement, eldest son, Chen Kenichi took over, gradually expanding the business across Japan with fresh ideas that earned him the “Szechwan Sage”. Taking over the legacy is third-generation Executive Chef, Chen Kentaro. Mentored by his father from young, Chef Kentaro’s knowledge is one that’s passed down and honed over the years. With his keen expertise in traditional Chinese fare, he has continued to elevate signature flavours of Shisen Hanten which eventually earned him two Michelin stars across 2016 – 2018, thus making it the highest Michelin-rated Chinese restaurant.


Festive set menus for all group sizes

As the year of the Tiger creeps close, Shisen Hanten by Chef Kentaro has launched a range of eight auspiciously-themed set menus for both intimate gatherings or business dinners designed to satiate 2 to 5 pax.


Seasonal specials to celebrate Spring

For diners with specific favourites from the restaurant, selected springtime exclusives from the festive set menus are also made available on the Lunar New Year a la carte menu so diners can customize a feast of their own.


Festive goodies at home

Now that stay-home gatherings have become a norm, fans have the option of ordering a curated mix of exquisite festive goodies and perennial Prosperity Yu Sheng from Shisen Hanten’s Lunary New Year Takeaway and Delivery menu.

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Tasting notes: For this tasting, you will be having a curated mix of highlights lifted from each of the eight festive menus that are available for a la carte orders.

$98 (S), $148 (L)

Fortune Abalone and Salmon Yu Sheng

Perennial celebratory toss to commence the feast with shreds of staple fresh vegetables, sashimi-grade salmon belly, slices of bouncy abalone in a house-made Sour Plum Sauce.

Available a la carte or in the Triumphant and Prosperity Menus.
Takeaway and delivery price from $78 onwards.


Poached Tiger Stripes Minced Pork Dumpling

Eight pieces of traditional dumplings stuffed with a juicy filling of seasoned minced pork and vegetables in a naturally orange-coloured skin derived from carrot resulting in a tiger-striped pattern. Served on a bed of steamed leaves with a side of black vinegar mixed with Shisen Hanten’s signature Szechwan Chilli Oil for a spicy dip.

Available a la carte or in the Prosperity, Peace, Splendour and Majestic Menus.


Stir-fried Bird’s Nest with Alaska Crabmeat and Egg White Accompanied with Double-boiled Fish Maw in Superior Consommé

Savoury and inventive take on the typically dessert-leaning delicacy where bird’s nest is stir-fried with egg white to elevate its luscious texture. Served with pairing of double-boiled fish maw consommé simmered with Alaskan crab meat for spoonfuls of umami and seafood sweetness.

Available a la carte or in the Peace and Majestic Menus.

$28 - per 100g

Steamed Grouper with Yellow Pickle Pepper Broth

Fresh grouper halved for easy pickings, steamed with a medley of tomatoes, black fungus and celery on a bed of yellow pepper broth. The yellow pepper is fermented for a slight tartness to accentuate the sweetness of the fish’s natural sweetness, coloured and textured naturally with pumpkin for a silky sauce that’s at once spicy, sweet and sour.

Available a la carte, Divine and Fortune Menus.


Braised Australian 2-head Whole Abalone with Premium Sea Cucumber stuffed with Shrimp Paste and Mushroom

Bouncy whole Australian abalone slow braised in Shisen Hanten’s signature broth for six hours till flavours immersed. Served alongside shrimp paste-stuffed sea cucumbers that are marinated in premium oyster sauce and superior broth.

Available a la carte or in the Peace Menu.


Braised Inaniwa Udon with Lobster and Roasted Garlic in Superior Golden Broth

Premium hand-kneaded and stretched Inaniwa Udon prized for its delightful and chewy texture is sauced in a six-hour simmered golden broth carrot juice that give an auspicious yellow glow and a finishing steeping of fresh lobster for added umami. Comes topped with the same lobster for chunks of juicy lobster meat.

Available a la carte or in the Splendour and Peace Menus.


Crispy Purple Sweet Potato and Yam Nian Gao (4 Pieces)

Layers of purple sweet potato and yam Nian Gan are wrapped in a pastry sheet then deep-fried till golden brown and crispy on the outside, sticky and chewy on the inside.

Available a la carte and across all festive menus.
Takeaway and delivery price for the Four Treasures version (with traditional red sugar, red date, Japanese pumpkin and Japanese purple sweet potato is at $36 for 4 pieces.)


Baked Golden Pineapple Ingots (2 Pieces)

Chinese New Year sweet staple that features house simmered pineapple paste encased in buttery pastry.

Available a la carte or in Majestic and Peace Menus.
Takeaway and delivery price is at $39 for 8 pieces.


Double-boiled Superior Bird’s Nest with Apple and Red Date

Premium bird’s nest is double-boiled till texture is perfectly silky, slow cooked with apples and red dates for a resulting broth that is pleasantly sweet with a lovely caramel tinge.

Available a la carte, or Majestic and Peace Menus.

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