November 1, 2019

From Fynn’s to Caffe Cicheti

A rebranding exercise as part of an ongoing retainer with The Cicheti Group to prime the group for further expansion of its Italian-inspired Cicheti concepts. With two thriving Cicheti concepts (Cicheti and Bar Cicheti) and Fynn’s, a beloved modern Australian brunch favourite, under its portfolio, the group made the hard but necessary call to rebrand Fynn’s into the third Cicheti concept, Caffe Cicheti, right before the turn of the decade, signalling a razor sharp focus in its expansion strategy for the decade ahead. A complete masterclass of fixing what isn’t broken, the rebranding exercise was careful not to disrupt the essence of Fynn’s mass daytime appeal, while adding a layer of coastal Italian veneer that came into its own after dark, with a reinvigorated wine and low ABV drinks programme that’s inarguably Cicheti. Guided by restaurateur Liling Ong’s vision, we developed a narrative for the rebrand and worked with a freelance art director to create a branding suite that would set the tone and carry across all marketing channels. We transitioned all digital existence of Fynn’s into Caffe Cicheti and developed a voice and strategy for social. We bided our time with press and seeded the news, sliding into the DMs of editors and hinting of a change to come. The press release continued the narrative where we left off from launching Bar Cicheti—placing the group’s ambitions before the nitty gritty of a restaurant opening—which we amplified through a few intensive weeks of well-attended media tastings by taking advantage of the lull between a jam packed November and the festive holidays.


Rebrand beloved modern Australian brunch spot Fynn's into the third Italian-inspired concept under The Cicheti Group, Caffe Cicheti

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