January 1, 2020

Singapore’s first F&B Sustainability Council

With an initial brief of a straightforward press run announcing the group achieving carbon neutrality—albeit on the back of two years’ worth of admirable but unannounced initiatives and zero brand recall in that category—we challenged The Loco Group to do more for the industry in a short span of months in order for the announcement to carry weight. Although choosing to move forward with an ambitious industry collective that saw The Loco Group share most of the coverage with its 11 other council members, we steered the narrative to position The Loco Group as front runners paving the way with every coverage—most notably securing three exclusives negotiated throughout the duration of the campaign with The Straits Times, Lifestyle Asia Singapore and CNA Luxury—as well as numerous speaking opportunities and profile interview for its spokesperson streaming in right down to the last date of the campaign.


Positioning The Loco Group as an industry leader in sustainability with over two years' worth of sustainability initiatives with zero brand recall in the category.

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