Food Delivery: The “Will They, Won’t They” Conundrum Now Answered, COVID-19 Style

New Ubin Group

With the new COVID-19 measures in place, communal dining spots like New Ubin has become somewhat of a death wish for some diners. Yet, all is not lost as now many may know this, but the folks at New Ubin have been offering islandwide delivery long before it was the buzzword of the week.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the group has also been looking at divesting into new streams of business, namely – one-person meals for delivery. Cheekily named UbinEats—an homage to the other food delivery arm of the global ride-sharing service, if you will—the soon-to-launch brand will offer Truly Singaporean meals for one delivered right to your doorstep.

Having spent the past few months tinkering away at the New Ubin Test Kitchen at their latest Tampines outpost, UbinEats will be launched mid April via GrabFood and their own delivery platform with 6 different meal boxes, each a reflection of a Truly Singaporean way of eating.

Ubin Nasi Lemak

A play on another popular rendition of the coconut rice dish which brands itself with the district where it originated from, Ubin Nasi Lemak prides itself in its Nyonya authenticity. Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves is served with Joo Hee Sambal (sambal cuttlefish), Ayam Bakar (charcoal grilled chicken), hard boiled eggs, anchovies and sliced cucumbers.

Vijay Banana Leaf

Never thought you could have authentic southern Indian banana leaf rice served for one, much less delivered to your doorstep? Soon you can, complete with light and fragrant Basmati rice, spicy egg masala, achar, riata and your choice of chicken masala, black ink squid or mutton curry.

Ah Koon Scissor Cut Curry Rice

You must be wondering by now.. who comes up with these names? Well, SM Pang will never tell. Just know that like this devilish number of plain white rice and deep fried chicken/pork cutlet set against the usual suspects of a feisty vegetable curry, lor bak (stewed pork), beancurd and achar—all snip, snip, snipped with a pair of scissors as advertised—the secret lies in the flavour.

..and more to be revealed

Whatever SM Pang can dream up, we’ve got it. That includes a western Vegetarian brand dishing out healthful dishes such as olive rice and spaghetti meatballs.. Impossible style. Stay tuned for the press release.

The Cicheti

delivers more than just food

Spa Esprit

all your favourites now on delivery

In conclusion, eat while you can.

The world might be plagued by a virus we can’t seem to minus, industries are at the brink of collapse, entire nations on lockdown. Frankly, I have no answer, and I have a sneaking suspicion even if we do come out of this from other side, normal life as we know it will no longer be the same. So don’t let the despair eat you up from inside out, because there’s a lot more hurting before we can even think about mending. Be kind to one another, eat and drink to your heart’s content – but do it safely, do it wisely, and keep going at it until you can’t.

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