Food Delivery: The “Will They, Won’t They” Conundrum Now Answered, COVID-19 Style

The Cicheti Group

Never thought you could enjoy fresh handmade pasta and a bottle of your favourite biodynamic wine from Bar Cicheti delivered straight to your doorstep? Or that one of chef Aun’s famous wood-fired Neapolitan pies from Cicheti could be enjoyed outside its hallowed shophouse walls? Or laughed at the idea of having a whole Italian feast catered for by Caffe Cicheti’s comprehensive trattoria-style menu?

Neither did they, nor did one, so did we. Until COVID-19, that is. But that’s not to say the three masterminds behind The Cicheti Group—restaurateur Liling Ong, chef co-owner Lim Yew Aun and sommelier-partner Ronald Kamiyama—and their knack in always getting ‘it’ right with each Cicheti concept—’it’ behind their respective wizardry in experiential design, food and wines of Italian persuasion—were going to do this any differently.

Spoiler alert: They got it right..


Here’s the thing, in the next few days you’ll find Cicheti, Bar Cicheti and Caffe Cicheti available across GrabFood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo and Oddle. But here’s a neat tip – you’ll get the most bang for your buck ordering direct from the restaurant via Whatsapp or Oddle with lowest pricing available and $10 flat islandwide delivery. Here’s a lowdown:


Cicheti – Have it your way

At Cicheti, a reduced but still comprehensive selection of antipasti, primi (pastas), pizzas and desserts are available. All-time favourites such as that luscious blob of Buratina that cleverly trades in the usual suspects of basil, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil for pesto, toasted pistachios and burnt onion marmalade ; or the wildly underrated combo of Spaghetti, housemade tomato sauce, chilli, stracciatella and basil are made available. Get a taste of the new menu (that we’ll be launching as soon as we minus this virus, because #priorities) with two teaser inclusions: the Cicheti Chopped Salad, where all the makings of a decent antipasto—salumi, pepperoncini, buffalo mozzarella and radicchio—are chopped up with iceberg lettuce and tossed in a bright oregano vinaigrette; and the handmade Casarecce featuring short twists of pasta with curled edges and a groove down the middle that resemble little rolled up scrolls as vessels of choice for a flavourful and feisty tomato-based sauce with guanciale bringing a bit of fat and a dash of heat from pickled peppers. Fans of Cicheti’s Neapolitan pizzas can finally order add-on ingredients to their “perfect-as-it-is” pies without worrying about cries of “Fanculo” from the kitchen. We jest. These are difficult times, have it your way.

Also worth checking out are their bundle options from friendly feasts to cleverly themed wine baskets to pasta packages perfect for recreating your very own Lady & The Tramp moment. All deliveries comes with a Cicheti playlist curated by MR. HAS to help transport you back to your favourite trattoria. 

Menu: http://order.cicheti.com 
Whatsapp: http://whatsapp.cicheti.com
Oddle: http://oddle.cicheti.com

Bar Cicheti – Be your very own pasta chef

Bar Cicheti offers the two things that will make this circuit breaker fly by in a blink – pasta for days, and wines that do a body good. Besides crowd favourites, get a taste of the upcoming Spring menu with new antipasti and pastas making the list. Or choose from 7 fresh pasta DIY kit combinations of handmade pasta, sauces and instructions packed separately that would only require some basic cooking and light assembly.

Around the world most affected

Special mention to Ronald Kamiyama’s quirky wine baskets that bring together 4 of his favourites along the categories of “funky“, “bubbles“, “around the world most affected” and “support our uncles“, or leave him and our trusty sommelier to pair your food orders with “secret hand shake” bundles or “sommelier selection” bottles. All deliveries come with a Bar Cicheti playlist curated by MR. HAS to keep the BC vibe in check.

Menu: http://order.barcicheti.com 
Whatsapp: http://whatsapp.barcicheti.com
Oddle: http://oddle.barcicheti.com

Caffe Cicheti – Build your very own Italian feast

Keeping things light, bright and delightfully coastal, cater your very own four-course Italian feast with Caffe Cicheti’s equally extensive menu of trattoria offerings. From vitamin-rich antipasti such as the vibrant Panzanella where heirloom and datterino tomatoes are tossed in a rough, tangy tumble of Spanish onions, Japanese cucumbers and house-made herb croutons, complete with creamy stracietella, dots of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic and lemon vinagratte; to pastas that prime your meal such as Pesto that delivers mouthfuls of bright Sicilian summer with a basil and almond variety coating each perfectly al dente strand of spaghetti together with pounded pine nuts and shaved parmigiana; finishing off with hearty Secondi options such as Iberico Pork, an intensely juicy, acorn-rich pork rack roast rubbed with fermented garlic and a house five-spice mix that’s sliced into juicy loin chops and brightened with thinly sliced granny smith apples and a zesty kale salad; served with sides of Contorni such as the Brussel Sprouts blazed and glazed in warm, sticky pomegranate molasses and served with candied pecans for a delightful, life-changing, crunch.

Everything you dreamed an Italian meal would consist will soon be right at your doorstep.

Hate having to plan your meals? Whether you’re flying solo, ordering for two, or have a household to feed – pick a feast—or get inspired trying—from the new Feasts menu.

Menu: http://order.caffecicheti.com 
Whatsapp: http://whatsapp.caffecicheti.com
Oddle: http://oddle.caffecicheti.com

The Wines – Kamiyama on Wheels..ish

Now this is where it gets interesting. With house pour selection of each Cicheti concept available by the bottle, you can expect the most defining rosé, reds and whites of each Cicheti’s wine programme.

What’s more, get the sommelier experience delivered to your doorstep by ordering the Sommelier Selection and Kamiyama will pick a bottle that pairs best with your order. Not in-person, but close enough. A selection of canned cocktails, biodynamic ciders and beer will also be available.

If there’s one thing that’s going to get us through this CB times, it’s wines, wines and copious amounts of wines. Wines for all occasions, wines for any reason. Which is why Ronald has put together 16 themed wine baskets across Cicheti, Bar Cicheti and Caffe Cicheti to help you ride out this apocalypse and make sure your doomsday bunker never runs dry.

The only clusters we need right now… of wines.

If there's one thing that's going to get us through this CB times, it's wines, wines and copious amounts of wines. Wines for all occasions, wines for any reason. Which is why our Ronald Kamiyama has put together 16 themed wine baskets across Cicheti, Bar Cicheti and Caffe Cicheti to help you ride out this apocalypse and make sure your doomsday bunker never runs dry.Each basket comes with 4 Kamiyama-approved bottles according to theme at a whooping $225. Available for pick-up and $10 islandwide delivery and order through the links below 👇🏻. Make it to the end of the video as our favourite partners-in-wine demonstrate the versatility of our selection to get to the full list.Cicheti: order.cicheti.comBar Cicheti: order.barcicheti.comCaffe Cicheti: oddle.caffecicheti.com

Posted by Bar Cicheti on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Each basket comes with 4 Kamiyama-approved bottles according to theme at a whooping $225. 

The Music – Wait what?

Yes, you heard right. By way of bringing you a skosh closer to actually dining in the outlet, we’ve teamed up with the ever-dapper DJ/producer Mr. Has—a longtime friend of Cicheti—to prepare three playlists of 20 songs – one for each Cicheti, setting you up for which will be included as a Spotify playlist accessed via a QR code.. free with every delivery.

The things this man wouldn’t do for free pasta.

Spa Esprit

all your favourites now on delivery

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one step ahead with UbinEats

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