Food Delivery: The “Will They, Won’t They” Conundrum Now Answered, COVID-19 Style

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Food delivery has long been that last barrier to break for most mid-to-upscale F&B businesses when it comes to embracing the shifting preferences of today’s modern consumer. Plagued by traditional mindsets that delivery is only reserved for the fast food boys, then the sky-high commissions that rolled along with the advent of delivery apps, and for most mid-to-upscale F&B businesses, believing that they’re shortchanging customers an experience that’s part of the value proposition – most just end up dismissing the next Grab or Deliveroo sales representative, on the standard “we’re not there yet” rejection line.

Well, it turns out – we are.


COVID-19 has put entire countries on lockdown. It’s cancelled the travel industry as we know it. Here in Singapore, thanks to the government’s swift (the usual skedaddle, not my newsmaker, let’s move on), the F&B industry were able mitigate sharp losses and spread out the pandemic into acceptable doses, that allow brands to react appropriately. And on the topic of that reaction, let’s appreciate the fact of how hard it must be these days for the executives at GrabFood, Deliveroo and Food Panda to keep a straight face amidst a spike in sales / fulfilled vision board I mean pandemic.

So without further ado, here are all the brands you didn’t think would get onto your delivery apps, now on your delivery apps to make up for that one-metre-apart, work-from-home distance the virus has put between you, and them.

The Cicheti

delivers more than just food

Spa Esprit

all your favourites now on delivery

New Ubin

one step ahead with UbinEats

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