Welcome to the week of GO **** YOURSELF.

That’s Go DoIt Yourself, of course.

It’s official. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is the new “truffle” prefix restaurants want to slap behind anything that can be par cooked and looks pretty in a box. DIY this, DIY that. Home cooking fun and freshness in the middle of a pandemic guaranteed. Any fresher you’d really have to **** it yourself. Here are some ways our favourite restaurants are doubling down on the DIY.

Any fresher you’d really have to **** it yourself.



DIY Margherita Pizza Kits – For the love of family friendly fun and $100 vouchers

Live out your pizzaiolo fantasies with Cicheti’s new DIY Margherita Pizza Kits, which comes with its signature three-day fermented pizza dough, hand-milled tomato sauce, fior di latte, basil leaves, parmigiano-reggiano, EVOO and semolina flour. Top up your order with as many toppings as your stomach desires and follow (or don’t follow) the instructions provided. Pics or it didn’t happen doesn’t ring more true – tag #cichetiathome on the photo of your own creation on Instagram and stand to win a $100 Cicheti voucher weekly. 

  • Father’s Day In – Called the Steak Night Date Night on Cicheti and Manzo Feast on Bar Cicheti – its’ essentially an excuse to skip the carbs for once and indulge in a 1kg Angus prime rib done to your liking, with sides of potato gratin and baked onions for $108++. Top it up for a bottle of 2014 Montefalco Rosso.
  • Microwave this – The Cicheti Group welcomes into its growing list of sweet treats on delivery one of Cicheti’s very own – the 72% Venezuela Salted Chocolate Lava Cake that only needs 20 seconds in your microwave.
  • New Pizzas, Who Dis – Welcome back two of Cicheti’s most well-loved pizzas, the Bismark and Carbonara – each comes with a runny egg to break into. Speaking of breaking into things on pizza, the Mother’s Day special Bella Napoli is now available as a $41 mainstay. Datterino, Prosciutto di Parma, wild arugula, aged balsamic and a whole burratina on a pizza? You betta werk.

Order via Whatsapp or Oddle and enjoy islandwide delivery from $10 with no minimum spend.

Bar Cicheti

New DIY Pasta Kits –  For the love of eating your feelings and cacio e Pepe.

Upping the ante on their selection of fresh DIY pasta kits, Bar Cicheti introduces three new kits, each with its own tragic doppelgänger. Cappellacci stuffed with pork collar, prosciutto and mortadella resembles straw hats worn by local peasants in Ferrara, Scarpinocc stuffed with spinach, mascarpone and ricotta is as odd-looking as an old fashioned wooden shoe favoured by the townsfolk of Lombardy, and while Pici, which comes with a Cacio e Pepe option, has the semblance of short, clumsily rolled spaghetti.

Order via Whatsapp or Oddle and enjoy islandwide delivery from $10 with no minimum spend.

The Butcher’s Wife

DIY Everything – For the love of barbecue and a bit of gluten-free everything in between

For the love of barbecue and a bit of everything in between, The Butcher’s Wife’s got your back with DIY Barbecue Sets featuring a range of proteins such as Our Lamb Sausage (150g), Wagyu Picanha (AUS 200g), Marinated Boneless Chicken Thigh (200g) and pre-cooked Octopus Tentacle, as well as a selection of salads and sides to match. Do it with a bottle of natural wine, do it without, or do something a little less intimidating altogether – like the DIY Gluten-Free Gnocchi or DIY Warm Chocolate Cake.

Order via Oddle and enjoy islandwide delivery from $8 with $30 minimum spend or 10% off when you self-collect.


DIY Steak Sets – For the love of having it literally done YOUR way.


Transform your kitchen into your very own cocina Argentina as the boCHINche boys bring a bit of ruckus into your abode. Choose from your choice of cut of Argentinian or Wagyu steaks and have it delivered to you marinated and vacuum sealed, along with a side of Potato Gratin or Parmesan Asparagus as sides, their housemade chimichurri and cooking instructions from chef Fabrice Mergalet, the man who’s been fanning the flames to our goals since the Argentinian’s early Martin Road days. Score a sweet 15% off and win at date night when you bundle up two DIY Steak Sets and a bottle of Malbec.

Order via Oddle and enjoy islandwide delivery from $8 with $30 minimum spend or 10% off when you self-collect.


DIY Sushi & Oden – For the love of well, sushi and Oden.


Singapore’s first rooftop urban farm-to-table Japanese restaurant is back in business after a two-month hiatus but thanks to a slew of sister restaurants who’ve been at it for some time now, NOKA bursts into the market like a pro. Their delivery menu reads like a list of familiar favourites and brand new dishes by chef Seki Takuma – all designed to evoke nostalgic comfort while taking you straight into the heart of Japan. And of course, with great delivery comes great DIY sets. Skip the Sushi Moriawase and try your (hopefully washed) hands at sushi-making with their DIY Hand-Roll Sushi Set for 2, served with Bluefin tuna, salmon, Kanpachi, scallop, sweet shrims and vegetables, or construct your own Oden (apparently a Japanese Pot-Au-Feu) with daikon, konnyaku, chikuwa, satsumaage, tamago, and vegetables.

Order via Oddle and enjoy islandwide delivery from $8 with $30 minimum spend or 10% off when you self-collect.

Open Farm Community

DIY Veggies and Sando Kits – For the love of ugly food and bakkwa BLT


Even in a pandemic, Open Farm Community‘s commitment to support local agriculture knows no bounds. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Box from their Provisions store offers home chefs a bountiful of surprises with each harvest. Expect anything from salad greens, ugly tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini, just to name a few. For something a little more challenging, check out their DIY offerings’ latest addition – a DIY Sando Kit and its first order of business… a bakkwa BLT?!? Don’t mind if we do.

Order via Oddle and enjoy islandwide delivery from $8 with $30 minimum spend or 10% off when you self-collect.

Tiong Bahru Bakery

DIY Special Mention – For the love of Sourdough

Also worth mentioning is Tiong Bahru Bakery‘s soon-to-launch new sourdough—made using the same 158-year-old globe trotting starter shared by a certain waffle—will also soon come with its own DIY sourdough kit. It’s official. What can we not do ourselves? To what end does this madness last? At which point do we put our foot down and say “no, you do can?” In either case, the kit will drop sometime in the third quarter of the year and it’ll come with a dough that is fermented for a minimum of 24 to 30 hours, and with the help of some high quality French flour and a lot of patience, the dough rise in the oven to get this wonderful crust, a pleasant sour taste and a amazing creamy crumb. 

Meanwhile, the new sourdough drops 15 June in Tiong Bahru Bakery (All outlets) via GrabFood’s islandwide delivery platform. 

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