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Welcome to Open Farm Community's new Farm Feast

Conceived in the wake of recent dine-in restrictions and the pandemic fatigue that ensued, the new Farm Feast conjures up a celebration of homegrown produce through the convivial way of kampong dining in a bid to reinvigorate the different relationships on the dining table – between friends and families, as well as diners and their food.

More than just a new menu

Here's all you need to know about the new Farm Feast


To bring back the joys of dining out

Conceived in the wake of recent dine-in restrictions and the pandemic fatigue that ensued, Spa Esprit Group’s Cynthia Chua worked with OFC’s head chef Oliver Truesdale and sous chef Phoebe Oviedo to bring to life a setting and meal that could rejuvenate the joys of dining out with your loved ones and at the same time, spark conversations about food through Open Farm Community’s philosophy of championing the locavore movement.

Tapping into the public’s yearning for escape and connection, the Farm Feast capitalises on the idyllic setting of OFC, all served up in a Kampong dining-inspired manner to capture the wholesomeness of traditional Southeast Asian dining.


A farm-fresh feast for the family

Ideated as a celebration of homegrown produce and inspired by the convivial way of kampong dining, the Farm Feast is a new family-style tasting menu that features inventive, communal dishes that best showcase ingredients sourced from close to home. Presented as a table of sharing plates, each feast can cater to as little as a table for two and more, serving up an array of snacks, starters, mains, house-made accompaniments, and desserts that can be easily adjusted to any group size for a nourishing meal.

The Farm Feast is available from 6pm – 9pm daily and priced at $88 per pax for dinner (requires whole table partcipation), with a wine pairing option available to add-on per pax at $40 each.


From Farm to Feast

Carrying through the practice of keeping dishes as local as possible, the core of its Farm Feast lies with a proud use of produce that are predominantly sourced from a close and trusted network of local suppliers. In a continued bid to support the urban farming ecosystem, fresh greens and herbs are procured from a long-running partnership with Edible Garden City among other local farms, while proteins are sourced to ensure they are sustainably produced and humanely farmed, with a select handful of harvests that are lovingly grown at the on-site garden.

Further defined by a minimal waste policy, the team has made it a point to utilise every part of the produce by repurposing commonly discarded trimmings into unsuspecting accompaniments.


Drink from our favourite farms

As with most—or if not, all—concepts under Spa Esprit Group’s portfolio of restaurants, the Farm Feast is best rounded off with glasses of natural wine for a complete escape. Curated by Drunken Farmer, the natural wine-obsessed sibling of the group, orders of the Farm Feast come with a wine pairing option (S$40) for three glasses of wines that are carefully chosen to elevate the meal.

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Tasting notes

First Course: Snacks

Caulifower Wings, tamarind miso, scallions (Vegan)

An OFC signature that’s finger-lickin' addictive where battered cauliflower florets are fried till crisp, then sauced in a sweet and sticky tamarind miso with finishing sprinkles of sesame and green onions.

First Course: Snacks

SG Grown Radishes, cultured cream, sourdough crumble (Vegetarian)

A raw and refreshing crunch of locally grown baby radishes and cucumber. Served with dollops of house cultured cream, sourdough crumble for textures and fresh herbs from the garden including sorrel & hibiscus.

First Course: Snacks

Chips and Dips (Vegan)

Crunky sheets of house-made corn tortilla made from organic masa, best enjoyed with a hearty dip of the flavoursome chai poh aioli dip for a familiar saltiness.

First Course Wine Pairing

La Roue Qui Tourne Blanc, 2019 (Loire Valley, France) - $108 for bottle

A pet-nat with a fine consistent mousse that bring crisp flowers and notes of apples to mind. Specifically chosen for its bright acidity to contrast the deep-fried snacks (Cauliflower Wings, Chips and Dips), while keeping it light to complement the freshness of SG Radishes.

Second Course: Starters

OFC Sweet Corn “Ribs”, green peppercorn emulsion, shichimi, organic olive oil (Gluten-free, Vegetarian)

House-grown corn plucked from the OFC Garden are split, salted then blistered simply on the grill till charred and sweet. Served with a slightly fiery company of green peppercorn, shimichi and olive oil emulsion.

Second Course: Starters

Hokkaido Scallops, farm sweet corn, wasabi greens (Gluten-free)

Seared Hokkaido scallop medallions atop a creamy Hokkaido corn puree seasoned with ground black lime - a Persian spice made from fermented dried limes that lend a funky and tangy perk. Served with wasabi greens for a distinctive hit of exhilaration.

Second Course Wine Pairing

Amphoreus Malvasia, 2018 (Venezia Giulia, Italy) - $145 for bottle

An eclectic orange with a summery nose of ripe apricot, honeydew and aromatic hints of rooibos and chamomile. Dry, clean on the palate with a light minerality that brings out the nutty sweetness of Corn Ribs, while accentuating the freshness of Hokkaido Scallops.

Third Course: Mains

OFC Farm Eggplant, Karana jackfruit, cashew, wild pepper (Vegan, Gluten-free)

Locally harvested eggplant stuffed with green jackfruit, braised till soft with Chinese cuisine influenced fermented black bean sauce. Dressed with a sprinkling of crushed cashew nuts to lend a nutty crunch and wild peppers for spicy pops.

Third Course: Mains

Grass Fed New Zealand Short Rib, SG mole, onions (Gluten-free)

Bone-in club of meat roasted till fork-tender, then doused in a Mexican mole sauce emulsified from chillies, nuts and spice. Accompanied by three differing characters of onions - refreshing pickled shreds, fried crispy bits and caramelised for a soft sweetness.

Third Course: Mains

Tiberias Barramundi, smoked mussels cream, puffed pulut hitam (Gluten-free)

A plate brimming with umami. Barramundi fillet are sauced with a thick and orange-bright smoked mussels cream, mild fishy bursts of smoked ikura and delightful textures of puffed black glutinous rice.

Third Course Wine Pairing (Short Rib)

Terre D'aigle, 2019 (Rhône Valley, France) - $108 for bottle

A natural ruby sourced from a 5th generation family-run winemaker who takes pride in cultivating vines organically and traditionally. The resulting yield is a medium to full bodied pour structured with luscious dark berries, red fruits and wet stone that deliver a refreshing acidity when paired with the Short Rib.

Third Course Wine Pairing (Eggplant or Barramundi)

Santenay 1er Cru, Clos Roussea, 2019 (Bourgogne, France) - $140 for bottle

Upon first sip, immediately noticeable is its delicate yet earthy character that makes it versatile with any food or enjoyed just by itself on a lazy post-work night. Light bodied with aromas of strawberries and cherries, its fruitiness perfectly juxtaposes “meatier” fishes like Barramundi, while hints of herbs and spices bring a new dimension of funk to the Braised Eggplant.


Ancient Grains and Seeds

A wholesome medley of grains consisting of black rice, short grain Japanese rice, *barley, sorghum and sunflower seeds*. Finished with a fragrant topping of green onions, sesame, sesame oil and vibrant sunflower sprouts - best enjoyed with portioned bits of mains and/or dollops of Smashin' Pumpkins.

*Note: The base of black rice and short grain Japanese rice will be consistent but the additional grains and seeds changes from time to time.


Smashin’ Pumpkin, seeds, wild honey, grainy mustard (Vegetarian, Gluten-free)

Locally sourced pumpkins smashed till thick and puree-like. Brightened simply with tosses of wild honey, seeds for a nutty crunch and a tangy hit of grainy mustard.


SG Green Salad, coconut ranch, seeds, herbs & fowers (Vegan, Gluten-free)

Simplicity at its freshest where crunchy shreds of locally farmed leaves are drenched in a refreshing coconut ranch dressing, mixed herbs and flowers for the perfect cleanse between bites.


QJ’s Kimchi

A thoughtful reinvention of the Korean staple that ferments vegetable off-cuts, typically unused trimmings such as broccoli stems, ugly courgettes and a mix of melon rinds in a blend of spices.

Fourth Course: Pre-dessert

Seasonal Fruit Sorbet

An icy and fruity refresher to cleanse the palate with a rotation of flavours including mango or lime.

Fourth Course: Dessert

Chocolate Dessert

A decadent end to a nourishing feast comes in various forms of chocolate-forward sweets using Thai single origin chocolate.

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