Mr Holmes Bakehouse Singapore brand new menu tasting notes

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Singapore kicks off 2022 with a brand new menu of playful and inventive bakes catered to the local palate.

Starting 2022 with a bang, Mr Holmes Bakehouse – the original cruffin makers from San Francisco, California – is set for another pastry revolution since their highly-anticipated debut last July. After a successful year of delighting fans with playful bakes, the folks are charging ahead with a menu overhaul across all pastry forms, promising inventive flavours both sweet and savoury.

Traditional viennoiserie with a playful spirit

Here's all you need to know about the hand-crafted philosophy that defines Mr Holmes Bakehouse.



Spearheaded by the skilled hands of one of the pastry chefs from its original San Francisco store, what sets them apart is their obsession with hand-crafted perfection where flavours are constantly reviewed and experimented to express inventiveness and uphold its reputation as a trailblazer in the pastry world.


Signature recipe, hand-rolled with time-perfected techniques

Based off a proprietary recipe which includes a specific blend of three types of flour and premium French butter in precise ratios, each cruffin is fervently hand-rolled via traditional viennoiserie techniques that require months of extensive training for a full grasp.


Cruffins that stand tall among the rest

While most cruffins are typically shorter and denser due to their reliance on muffin trays, the cruffins by Mr Holmes Bakehouse are significantly taller with an irresistible buttery prominence that crisp and flaky on the outside, airy with pockets on the inside when baked.


Brand new menu for another pastry revolution

Now set for another wave of all-butter-everything, fans can look forward to an entirely new rotation of bakes which include Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s first-ever savoury signature cruffin and brioche donut alongside three sweet variants, a twice-baked croissant, danishes, buns, cookies, muffins and sandwiches.

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Tasting notes: For this tasting, you will be having a varied mix of new mainstays and take home a Monthly Box of Six.

From $6.50 - $9.50


Four new cruffins including a collaborative American classic with Park Bench Deli and Mr Holme's Bakehouse's first-ever savoury cruffin.


PBJ by PBD Cruffin (January Weekend-Exclusive)

This month's weekend-only special created in collaboration with Park Bench Deli that reintreprets the American classic sandwich with a tart strawberry rhubarb jam and nutty almond butter twist.


Sundried Tomato & Bacon Jam

New mainstay that deviates from the usual sweet flavours where bits of gruyere are incorporated while proofing for crispy cheese skirts when baked, while drizzles of balsamic glaze and an alternated fillings of tomato and chive cream cheese and bacon jam pose an undeniable piquancy with every mouthful.


Irish Cream Cruffin

Donut piped with Irish breakfast cream for a vanilla filling lifted with gentle hints of coffee and a finishing sprinkle of cacao nibs.


Everything Donut

A toothsome ball that's just as promising as named. Comes piped with chive and caper cream cheese, the fried brioche is then glazed with spicy Sriracha honey and a coat of house-made Everything seasoning for a sweet, savoury and slightly spicy bite all at once.


Speculoos Donut

Breakfast and midday treat in one that come piped with spiced caramel cream incorporated from iconic Biscoff spread, garnished with a Biscoff cookie for a simple but delightful indulgence.

Prices vary

Twice-baked Croissant and Danish

With a mission to reintroduce itself from ground up, the menu overhaul welcomes a twice-baked croissant, an entirely refreshed selection of small bakes and hearty sandwiches.


Bacon Mac & Cheese Danish

Flaky laminated rectangle centred with red cheddar bechamel, bacon-studded Mac & Cheese, more red cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of herbed croissant crumbs and chives just as you would in the usual Mac & Cheese.


Pistachio Mixed Berry Croissant

Twice-baked croissant as a means to add crunch, Pistachio Mixed Berry Croissant comes draped with nutty pistachio frangipane, piped and drizzled with mixed berry jam cooked from strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and raspberries for a jammy contrast. Finished with brushes of rum syrup for a slightly boozy whiff.


Tuna Sandwich

Toasted homemade rye sourdough, generously slathered with a tuna salad that tosses chopped kale, pickles, onion, in a lime mustard and white truffle fragranced mayonnaise. Simple, different and oh-so-hearty.

$35 onwards

Monthly Box of Six

Ideated to ease the dilemma of choosing bakes at the pastry counter and to offer regulars and first-timers a varied taste of its latest bakes, the Monthly Box of Six is essentially a collection of three cruffins, three donuts with a monthly switch of weekend exclusives.

$6.50 (a la carte)

German Chocolate Cruffin

Classic chocolate decadence piped with inspired by the German Chocolate Cake which balances German chocolate cream with perks of coffee, folded with condensed pecan and coconut filling and a topping of more pecans and shredded coconut for a hint of what's within.

$5.80 (a la carte)

Milk Chocolate Earl Grey Donut & Mango Chilli Lime Donut

Milk Chocolate Earl Grey filled with a duo of cold-infused chocolate and tea cream and fresh whipped cream, topped with a homemade chocolate coin. On the fruitier end is a weekend-exclusive Mango Chilli Lime that accentuates tangy mango lime curd with specks of chilli powder, topped with a dehydrated mango slice for a unique tropical punch.

$35 onwards

Available for takeaway or pre-orders

Priced at $39.90 for the month of January that include special flavours by Park Bench Deli, following months will be set at $35 as a value-for-money treat to oneself or a friend. The Monthly Box of Six is available for takeaway or same-day delivery only on weekends, with weekday purchase limited to pre-orders due to the inclusion of weekend-exclusives.

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