Mr Holmes Bakehouse at MYP Centre new menu tasting notes

Mr Holmes Bakehouse brings cruffin mania to Singapore's CBD with a second outlet at MYP Centre

Following 10 months of bringing its cheeky and creative brand of buttery decadence, the folks at Mr Holmes Bakehouse has expanded with a second branch at the ground floor of MYP Centre. Capitalising on its central location that’s always buzzing with busy executives and commuters, the new branch is positioned as the choice spot for pastry cravings – be it sweet for a tea time treat, savoury sandwiches for a satiating lunch or bakes to-go for a swell time at home.

Get baked in the CBD by the original cruffin makers

Here's all you need to know about the new outlet at MYP Centre



Originally from San Francisco (US), its foray into Singapore last July 2021, marked a restart in a new market under Caerus Holding, its regional partner.

Within just a year of its debut, the brand has collaborated with the likes of Might Jaxx for in-store installations and merchandise, Park Bench Deli on exclusive bakes and now Two Men Bagel House for a cheeky bake-off. Now with two outlets, the opening welcomes more possibilities and ideas for future collaborations.


More mature but with a whimsical quirk

While the new store is designed in the same whimsical spirit as its Pacific Plaza older sister, its concept is slightly more refined to suit the working crowd.

As you stroll pass, you’ll notice a glowing “I got baked in CBD” sign beckoning you to enter – be it from the street-side or mall entrance. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by an inviting clash of colours, neon-paved arches against signature tiled and concrete floorings. Keeping the affair casual, all you need to do is place your orders by the pastry counter before making your choice between leather seats or communal benches.


Outlet exclusives: Larger selection of sandwiches

Understanding the crowd of busy executives and passers-by, the outlet welcomes a significantly larger menu of sandwichesthat are perfect for an all-in-one bite on a busy day, or salads for a lighter option.

The opening menu also features a Pigs N’ Figs ($16) Bagel that was ideated as part of the Mr Holmes Bakehouse VS Two Men Bagel House bake-off where both parties are pitted against one another with versions of each other’s signature offerings.


Full menu of seasonal cruffins, donuts and everything else

Now set for another wave of all-butter-everything, fans can look forward to an entirely new rotation of bakes which include Mr Holmes Bakehouse’s first-ever savoury signature cruffin and brioche donut alongside three sweet variants, a twice-baked croissant, danishes, buns, cookies, muffins and sandwiches.

MYP Centre Entrance
MYP Centre Interiors
Spam & Egg w Kimchi Croissant
Mr Holmes Bakehouse VS Two Men Bagel House

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Tasting notes: For this tasting, you will be having a varied mix of outlet exclusive sandwiches and new seasonal bakes


Egg Mayo & Candied Bacon *MYP Exclusive*

The perfect breakfast grab-and-go sandwich that wedges classic egg mayonnaise salad with bits of bacon cooked in brown sugar and cayenne between potato bun halves.

Egg Mayo & Candied Bacon

Chicken Fajita *MYP Exclusive*

Mexican Fajita inspired sandwich with fajita-seasoned chicken slices, sauteed bell peppers and onions, draped with melted cheddar, habanero mayo between homemade ciabatta buns.

Chicken Fajita

Roasted Veggie & Hummus *MYP Exclusive*

Vegan-friendly sourdough sandwich of roasted vegetables (brussells sprouts, potato, onions, cauliflower charred with rosemary and thyme), garlicky hummus and pickled carrots on crunchy sourdough slabs.

Roasted Veggie & Hummus

Spam & Egg w Kimchi Croissant *MYP Exclusive*

Signature croissants with a layered stack of salty SPAM slices, scrambled egg, melted cheddar cheese and a kimchi to add comforting yet refreshing kick to the usual.

Spam & Egg w Kimchi Croissant

Vegan Taco Salad

Hearty toss of romaine lettuce and mixed greens topped with green onions, fresh cherry tomatoes, black beans, grilled sweet corn and crunchy tortilla strips. Served with a side of refreshing cilantro lime vinaigrette.

Spam & Egg w Kimchi Croissant

Vegan Taco Salad

Chicken Kale Caesar Salad

Classic Caesar salad but amped with a kale and romaine mix. Comes topped with sous-vide chicken breast, bacon, parmesan shavings and a lime wedge for added citrus. Served with a side of homemade dressing for a low-carb protein alternative.

Chicken Kale Caesar Salad

Seasonal Cruffins

Three seasonal cruffins that include:

1) A toasty Coconut Cream that pipes pastry cream whipped with homemade coconut cream and dried coconut bits.

2) Raspberry Mocha with its contrast of espresso-infused chocolate cream and tart raspberry jam.

3) Pistachio Cream filled with pistachio paste folded pastry cream and pistachio pieces.

Seasonal Cruffins & Donuts

Seasonal Donuts

Trio of signature brioche donuts including:

1) Banoffee Donut filled with a luscious banana cream folded with bits of homemade toffee bits for a comforting bite.

2) Strawberry Lemonade which accentuates lemony tartness with homemade strawberry puree.

3) Rose Lychee Donut for a floral and fruity delight of delicate lychee cream infused with rose water.


Pigs N' Figs (Mr Holmes Bakehouse VS Two Men Bagel House Exclusive)

Collaboration exclusive using TMBH's plain bagel, layered with smoked ham slices, homemade fig jam and cream cheese into the ultimate breakfast or lunch bagel that is smokey, sweet and creamy.

*Exclusively available only at Mr Holmes Bakehouse outlets.

Pigs N' Figs Bagel

Two Men Bagel House Cruffin (Mr Holmes Bakehouse VS Two Men Bagel House Exclusive)

TMBH's contender using MHB's signature cruffin as base. Filled with white chocolate folded banana cream, more cream at the top and a dollop of fresh passionfruit puree for a tropical sweet.

Two Men Bagel House Cruffin

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