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All you need to know about Loco Earth Month, a month-long celebration of eating, drinking, and living in a cleaner, kinder way.

From 4 -30 April, the eco-amigos at Super Loco Group have teamed up with Fable Food—one of Australia’s most exciting plant-based food brands—to honour World Earth Day with their first-ever Loco Earth Month. Think carbon-conscious Mexican dining, meaty mushroom discoveries, and weekends’ worth of sustainable daytime activities to keep your carbon footprint in check.


But first, backstory time. Let's look back at Super Loco Group's key sustainability initiatives since embarking on their journey in 2018.


Glass sucks and plastic is spastic

Since embarking on their sustainability journey, Super Loco Group has ceased all single-use plastic packaging and straws; opting instead for fully compostable bioplastic containers and agave straws (interestingly) upcycled from tequila production. Their commitment to replace all bottled water with house-filtered premium still or tap water has also led to a massive reduction of 5 tonnes of carbon emissions, 12,000kg in glass waste, and an approximate 4,500kg in plastics used.

For every purchase of its $1 still or sparkling water, 25% of proceeds go towards their reforestation project in Borneo with reforestation technology start-up Green Steps.


Converting its menus to 50% vegetarian friendly

With animal agriculture responsible for 14.5% of our global greenhouse gas emissions, plant-based diets are known to produce significantly less carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. As such, the group has made the conscientious effort to turn 50% of its menu vegetarian, or can be made vegetarian upon request.


Supporting local and ethical producers

In a bid to reduce carbon emissions imports may incur, the group has made it a point to favour local and regional produce as much as possible. Otherwise, ingredients are always sustainably sourced and ethically raised. Some of the larger scale changes the group has made over the year include transitioning 15,000kg of fish supply to  a certified sustainable local fishery, greens from smaller-scale urban farmers and chickens that are free-roaming, organically fed and non-GMO certified.


Know your impact and make a conscious choice

While dining at Super Loco Group’s restaurants, diners can learn the true impact of their choices with estimated carbon footprints on full display via a quick scan of a QR code in the menu. Here’s an example for Super Loco Customs House.

For diners who wish to offet their carbon footprint, they can adopt a newly planted tree in the endangered rainforests of Borneo by donating $6 to Green Steps Group.

Here is the full and most updated list of sustainability achievements and best practices thus far.


The how, the who, the what. Why? Cos as Nelly once foreshadowed, "it's getting hot in here"



Loco Earth Month serves as a celebration of Super Loco Group’s sustainability journey as the first independent F&B group to achieve carbon neutrality in Singapore.

Since starting in 2018, they’ve went on to partner with Green Steps to counter carbon emissions through tree planting, and spearheaded the formation of the Singapore F&B Sustainability Council with like-minded F&B groups in an effort to pool resources and lobby greater support for collective impact.



To join them in launching their first-ever Loco Earth Month, the group has enlisted Fable Food, an Australia-based mushroom protein brand that has set its sights on furthering its presence in Singapore before its eventual debut.

While new-to-market, Fable has a widespread presence across Australia, the US and the UK with its meat alternative that’s made predominantly from shiitake mushrooms with minimal processing that capitalises on the natural meatiness, flavour potential and nutrients of mushrooms.



At the heart of Loco Earth Month is a carbon-conscious Earth Month Menu that’s available across all outlets throughout April.

A four-course Mexican feast priced at S$80 per pax, the menu is an eco-minded encapsulation of the group’s zero-waste philosophy that flaunts the flavour potential of vegetable-forward diets, while inspiring the wider industry to adopt sustainable practices.



The month will also be mapped with weekend activities organised in partnership with like-minded partners to bring conversations out of restaurants. Across three Saturdays, diners can choose to sign-up for activities including:

  1. 16 April: A Modern Kintsugi Pottery Class by Gold & Behold that upcycles rejected pottery by literally breaking them apart, then piecing them back with gold lacquer.
  2. 23 April: Edible Farm Tour & Gardening Workshop at Fleur House Singapore for a hands-on guide to start your urban farming journey.
  3. 30 April: Plant-Based Cooking Class with Elika Tasker of Discover Everton to learn three plant-based recipes using Fable’s shiitake-based protein.
Loco Earth Month Menu
Fable Mushroom Meat
Gold & Behold Modern Kintsugi Workshop
Fleur House SG Edible Garden Workshop
Elika Tasker x Fable Cooking Class

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Tasting notes & what's on the menu


Earth Month Menu: Plant two trees with one meal

Across the campaign month, customers will get to have a tree planted under their name with the group matching every tree with one of their own for every order of the Earth Month Menu. With each tree removing an average of 22kg a year in carbon emissions, this effectively offsets the carbon footprint of the set menu to a net negative value.

Tree planting in Borneo

Zero to Hero Cocktail

A zero-waste cocktail that upcycles fruit waste including pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, mango and lime offcuts accumulated from the bar and kitchen. Thoughtfully infused with Arquitecto Blanco tequila to result in a tropical-tinged base spirit, the concoction is then shaken with a woody blend of mezcal, cherry heering, curaçao and lemon for heady but refreshing sips.

Zero to Hero Cocktail

Corn Chips, Guacamole and Salsa Roja (GF / VG)

Staple starter snack to ease diners into conversation. Homebaked tortilla chips served with a side of creamy guacamole and a tangy salsa roja.

Chips, Guacamole, Salsa Roja

Garden Flautas (V)

Deep-fried spinach herb tortilla stuffed with Mexican truffle, quinoa and goat cheese for an earthy and crispy bite. Served on a bed of sikil pak dip blitz from repurposed roasted pumpkin seeds, finished with lime sour cream and cactus pico de gallo for a refreshing and citrus contrast.

Garden Flautas

Fable Al Pastor Taco (GF / VG)

Indubitably the star of the menu, the traditional meat barbecue-filled taco is given a plant-based makeover using Fable’s shiitake protein. Capitalising on the pulled-pork like texture and flavour absorbent nature of mushrooms, the “meat” is first marinated to impart smokey BBQ flavours courtesy of housemate Al Pastor sauce. Tucked into a bamboo ash tortilla alongside crispy kale, roasted corn, watermelon radish and chipotle mayo, the resulting bite oozes traditional Mexican taste with a playful crunch.

Fable Al Pastor Taco
$34 (Here's what you'll be trying today!)

Super Loco Custom House Pan-Roasted Barramundi (GF)

Pan-roasted slab of Kühlbarra barramundi kept simple to accentuate original flavours. Set atop a soft herb salad, crunchy corn tortilla and salsa verde for a bright and zesty complement.

Super Loco Customs House Barramundi

Lucha Loco Pan-Fried Barramundi (GF)

Sustainably farmed Barramundi from Kühlbarra - a local certified sustainable fishery - pan-fried till crispy with skirts on the outside, flaky on the inside. Served on a bed of cauliflower arroz (rice), corn textura and amaranth seeds, dollops of peptic dressing lifts the fish with a fresh herbal and spicy flavour.

Lucha Loco Barramundi

Super Loco Robertson Quay Seared Barramundi (GF)

Seared Kühlbarra barramundi served with a tangy and spicy medley of chopped jalapeños, piquillo pepper salad and textures of grilled sweet corn. Best enjoyed with a swipe of salsa verde for a refreshing tartness.

Super Loco Robertson Quay Barramundi
From $21

Enchilada (GF / VG)

Vegetarian diners can opt for a Pumpkin Enchilada (Lucha Loco) stuffed with caramelised pumpkin, mole verde and cashew crema or an Enchilada (Super Loco) for a hearty filling of multigrain rice, goat cheese, pumpkin and frijoles with a triple spice of pico de gallo, lime and cashew salsa and roja.


Pomegranate Tres Leche (V)

A bright and summery update of the traditional dessert that layers milk sponge, coconut cream and pomegranate gelée. Nestled on a crunchy charcoal crumble that give a earthy bitterness, a surrounding pool of tres leches (three milk) sauce makes it the perfect milky treat to cool off a spice-heavy meal.

Pomegranate Tres Leche

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