About Daniel

Daniel in a nutshell

Daniel is a freelance publicist and copywriter with a marketing-driven mentality and a keen understanding of today’s fragmented media landscape.

Jack of all trades, master of one

Oh, the lives he's lived.

He’s spent the last decade traversing the realms of hospitality, food and beverage, travel, arts and culture, luxury and lifestyle industries, fleeting one between another across both in-house, freelance and agency roles, with his heartstrings always tugging him back to where he got his start – the relentless—and at times unforgiving—but rewarding business of feeding people right.

Expansive Network

The friends he made

Through years of trusted brand partnerships, media relations nurtured and clients he now consider friends, Daniel has developed an invaluable network of freelance creatives, specialists, industry connections and referrals that he can tap on when the occasion rises, enablimg him to scale and add value to his clients almost instantaneously, without the burden of an agency’s typical overhead.


The things he know

Through the years, he’s groomed a 360° expertise in strategic communications, content creation, influencer engagement, strong media relations, a digital-first savvy and the subtle art of painless media tastings that have resulted in effective, memorable campaigns for some of the most influential local and regional lifestyle companies of their time.

Fresh perspectives

The sky's the limit

Bogged down by years of being told how things should be done—from the dullest press releases to the archaic ways of tip toeing around media—and having cut his teeth dreaming up the most dynamic ways a business can engage its consumers and dealing with all manner of colourful characters, bydanieleng is Daniel’s platform where he can freely meld his digital marketing know-how and his love for creating content into rethinking the way an entire industry operates.

Trusted storyteller

Here are some of our favourite people
whose stories we had the privilege to tell

In broad strokes,
here's what we're really good at.

Public Relations & Brand Strategy

My personal bread and butter. Fully entrenched in the in’s and out’s of the food & beverage and lifestyle media landscape, and having worked for an under the employ of some of the industry’s biggest names, we know the kind of story it’ll take and how to sell it that will make the editors tick.

Copywriting (with a chance of design)

What good is all the publicity in the world if you’re not telling it right from the get go? I can tell a story as good as as I can sell one. From a culture shifting brand manifesto to 20 blog posts to help you crawl your way up the search engine ranks, we’ve got a network of creatives who can make you look and sound the part, and one freelancer to brief them all.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

If first impressions last forever, it’s highly likely your brand’s opportunity to make a good one is happening in the digital world. We’ve lived through the advent of the internet to know how it’s so easy to have a website and a Facebook page and pat yourself on the back thinking, “I’m good.” And we’ve probably lost your attention by now but you get the drift…


What our clients
say about us

In for the long run
An uncanny ability to think outside the box, brutal dedication, outstanding writing skills, all packaged together with a wicked sense of humour and an inherent knack to cement our bond with our customers, Daniel's contributions to our businesses have exceeded our expectations. It would be difficult to imagine the next phase of growth without him by our side.
Liling Ong

Restaurateur, The Cicheti Group

Many would require a big team to deliver half of what he has done
Daniel is tenacious and goes the extra mile to make sure the best is given to his clients. We work easily together – he is intelligent, gets the brief very quickly and delivers great results effectively. Many would require a big team to deliver half of what he has done. He just simply does it, effectively and well, with the bare minimum.
Cynthia Chua

Founder & Chairman, Spa Esprit Group

Blown away
We couldn't have done this without you. We are blown away with the results from this campaign and couldn't have asked for a better outcome. It has definitely put us at the forefront of sustainability especially within the industry.
Rachel Lim

Marketing Manager, The Loco Group

10/10 will recommend
Daniel's very well-prepared and went above and beyond to make me comfortable when prepping me for an interview! 10/10 will recommend.
Joel Ong

Head of Strategy and Planning, Grain Traders

Always on point
Working with Daniel always puts me at ease and excited at the same time, as I know he'd churn out the best copy I need for my campaigns and I look forward to his witty writings every time. A picture says a thousand words but with Daniel - you'll only need that few words!

Director, The ARM Collective

Bang for your buck
Daniel is fast, precise, and was able to compile my artistic data and stylishly dished out a very concise yet on-point biography. As a competent publicist, he is also able to connect you with appropriate exposure that is hard unless you are an expert. I have been recommending him for a few projects. He charges according to how much work he will put in, and you will see exactly what you are paying for. Thanks Daniel for your great work!
Aya Sekine

Jazz pianist / improvisor / composer

Great time grump bear.
I had such a great time working with Daniel. He's such a little grump bear but so adorable and you want to strangle him at the same time. Also he made the most ridiculous profile photo of me with a beret on my head in a jaunty angle and put it in a press release. I will never live that down.
Ginette Chittick

Artiste, 'This, That.' (2019), Telok Ayer Arts Club

110% on the ball
On the ball just 110% of the time. Worked on a recent project with him in the F&B circuit to raise the profile of the event and he did just that and then much more. There was more coverage than expected and even given the current pandemic, led to an over subscription of the event. Incredible work ethic, good creativity, PR guidance and extensive network was readily at my disposal.
Lee Yum Hwa

Pasta artisan, BenFatto

The honour is all mine.
I look at life as a journey and at different points in that journey, different people come into our lives.
Daniel joined my journey in the middle of last year when we were planning the launch of New Ubin Village in Tampines. It was and remains a brave new concept harking back to our original days in Sin Ming. He helped us to strategise, formulate and execute our public relations campaign. In fact he did more than that; he worked with our whole team and helped us to focus on our core values. It was truly an honour to have him on board. Currently he is helping us roll out two additional concepts. I found him refreshingly candid as well as experienced in his knowledge domain.
SM Pang

Co-Founder & COO, New Ubin Group

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I get excited about finding new and unique ways to tell a brand’s story, whichever the medium, however the means.

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