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East Side, Funk Side: Drunken Farmer brings its brand of unadulterated funk to the east at Joo Chiat

Riding on the success of turning the Stanley Street outpost of Common Man Coffee Roasters into a “two-faced” concept earlier April, its Joo Chiat branch now welcomes a nightly transformation from neighbourhood cafe to a bar and bistro offering a gut-friendly rouse of sourdough-focused sharing plates and natural wines.

East side hang for the natural wine enthusiasts

Here's what you can expect at Drunken Farmer Joo Chiat


Good in every locale

From what started as a traveling pop-up dedicated to spreading the goodness of natural wines to moving into a permanent home at Stanley Street earlier this year, Drunken Farmer is now settling into its second home in Joo Chiat on Singapore’s East Coast, with its signature proposition of pairing minimally intervened wines with naturally leavened sourdough dishes.


A nightly transformation

As with its Stanley Street predecessor, the Joo Chiat interiors will undergo a transition once the sun sets. Fashioned as a juxtaposed mash to convey the quirky discovery of natural wines, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a rousing company of Viking and Ancient Greek emblems, whimsically contrasted with Victorian clown murals that’ll leave you wondering if it’s the high playing tricks on your eyes.


Hearty communal eats

Devised for neighbourhood hangs, you’ll be crossing hands on a wholesome curation of plates including a signature sourdough battered Karaage and sharing platters lined with homemade dips. Fans of Chef Paul Albert’s sourdough pizzas will be delighted to see two new classic variations crafted from his 160 year-old starter that adds an assertive tang to perfectly airy and chewy crusts.


Gut-friendly quaffable sips

Think an ever-expanding array of natural wines across all characters of red, wine, orange, rosé and sparkling – you name it, they’ve got it. Co-curated by natural wine geek, Eduardo Bayo and Spa Esprit Group’s Founder Cynthia Chua to drive surprising discoveries, you can expect a rotation of 14 wines by-the-glass, along with over 80 variants by the bottle for fresh uncoverings at every visit.

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Tasting notes


Hot Snacks: Sourdough Karaage (Signature)

Chunks of deep-fried chicken thigh that are first marinated then dipped in sourdough batter. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, the chunks are best enjoyed with a dip of homemade kimchi mayo for a distinctive perk of spice.


Hot Snacks: Black Tiger Prawns (New)

Skewered black tiger prawns coated in a light and crispy batter. Finished with drizzles of smoked paprika aioli and lime wedges on the side for a fresh squeeze of citrus.


Cold Snacks: Sharing Spread Platter (New)

Perennial platter with a wholesome spread of toasty pita bread, alongside a hearty duo of avocado cream with chilli bits and dill, and a warming pumpkin hummus with nutty textures of praline seeds for dips.


Cold Snacks: Drunken Farmer’s Salad

Medley of fresh seasonal leaves harvested from local farms and assorted pickled vegetables tossed in a refreshing and herbal green dressing.


Chorizo (New)

Classic favourite that layers smoky pork chorizo coins and a scatter of red onions over a mozzarella and tomato slathered sourdough base.


Four Cheese (New)

Cheesy slices with usual creamy ricotta and mozzarella, contrasted with a funky juxtaposition of nutty ossau iraty and sharp blue cheese. Finished simply with sprinkles of fresh parsley for a bright herbaceous hint.


Anchovy & Pesto

Tomato based contender dolloped with fresh creamy stracciatella and basil-pistachio pesto. Finished with slivers of anchovies and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar for a bite that's at once refreshing, nutty and briny.

$12 (S), $18 (L)

Sourdough Waffles

Airy and crispy waffles with a distinctive sourdough tang. Served with a side of classic vanilla ice cream, a fistful of crunchy almonds and decadent drizzles of coffee-laced toffee caramel.

$19 (Glass), $90 (Bottle)

White: Drunken Farmer Jousset, 2019 (Loire, France) - Drunken Farmer Exclusive

After a personal visit to Lise & Bertrand's vineyard in Loire back in 2019, Cynthia was so enamoured by their passion and processes that she decided to explore an exclusive cuvee that captures the spirit of Drunken Farmer. Fermented from the same harvest of their visit, this Chenin Blanc and Colombard possesses herbals notes with a summery profile of quince and spice. Crisp at first sip, its character eventually becomes rounder and punchier with accents of apricots, citrus and a marked minerality that makes it a quaffable quencher perfect for Singapore's climate.

$20 (Glass), $100 (Bottle)

Red: Château Cambon, 2019 (Brouilly, France)

Behind its deep red-purple colour, this wine presents an inviting and complex aromas of cherry-like fruit with earthy notes. Seductive with flavours of bright red fruit but a tad rustic with a toasty oakyness on the palate, its lovely acidity complements a wide of array of cuisines with a silky mouthful that just tastes great.

$23 (Glass), $118 (Bottle)

Orange: Domaine Christian Binner Si Rose, 2018-19 (Alsace, France)

A spectacular blend of skin-contact Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris that are macerated for a lengthy 8 months, resulting in an intensely copper-toned yield. On the nose it presents an explosive bouquet of rose petals that transitions into bursts of juicy grapefruit with a hint of spices for a tasty long finish.

$29 (Glass), $145 (Bottle)

Sparkling: Champagne Fleury Blanc de Noirs Brut New Vintage (Champagne, France)

A medium bodied pure Pinot Noir that’s straw gold in colour, especially loved for its peach fruited, biscuity and mildly oxidative character. Pleasantly structured with a creamy mousse and an elegant complexity, its fruity freshness makes it a perfect contender for joyous occasions.

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