A Natural Pairing: The Butcher’s Wife and a Drunken Farmer


With wine offerings sourced from all over the world: Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa; Bayo’s curation for The Butcher’s Wife seeks to highlight lesser-known wine making regions and indigenous grapes that are not commonly used.

While many Francophile wine lovers might flock to Burgundy and Bordeaux, Bayo recommends seeking out gems from the Loire Valley, such as the Nicolas Reau’s Attention Chenin Merchant 2018 VdF Loire, France ($54). Having first tried the 2011 vintage, Bayo has personally witnessed the evolution of this wine across the years and is enamoured by how vine age and new non-interventionist sensibilities have added depth to the wine.

Loire has no lack of passionate and talented female winemakers. Bayo spotlights Sylvie Augereau, a renowned pioneer in natural wine. Her Rejouissances 2017 VdF Loire, France ($63) uses two native grapes that are lesser known: Pineau d’Aunis and Grolleau; and carries a great balance of acidity.

Another producer championing indigenous grape varietals is Laurent Cazottes from the south-western French region of Gaillac. Practicing organic and biodynamic farming, Laurent makes wines from grapes like Mauzac, Braucol, Duras, and Prunelart, the lattermost is used for the Laurent Cazottes Prunelart 2017 Vdf Sud-Ouest, France ($60)—a deeply hued ambrosia with intoxicating notes of purple fruit and spice.

For those looking for an introduction to natural wines, fizzy pét-nats are popular crowd pleasers. Short form for Pétillant Natural, this effervescent style of wine is bottled before primary fermentation is finished, hence bubbles are trapped within the bottle to make the wine bubbly. For a fun and tasty pét-nat,Lise et Bertrand’s Jousset’s Exile Rose VdF Loire, France ($50) from the Loire is like sparkling strawberry juice. Made by acclaimed natural winemaker Christian Binner from Alsace, Les Vins Pirouettes Tutti Frutti De Stephane 2016 Alsace, France ($51) uses a bit of fizz to help protect the wine from oxidation; the wine’s mousse acts as an elegant palate cleanser.

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