A Natural Pairing: The Butcher’s Wife and a Drunken Farmer

Spreading the vin nature love with Singapore’s first brick and mortar natural wine retail space in Tiong Bahru

As with all good love stories, this serendipitous pairing happened at the right time and the right place – a conscious coupling of sorts under the spell-binding influence of natural wines. Over the past eight months, Singapore’s foremost gluten-free bistro The Butcher’s Wife has played host to Drunken Farmer, a travelling natural wine bar and consultancy belonging to the same Spa Esprit Group portfolio of F&B brands. Guided by Drunken Farmer’s natural wine expert Eduardo Bayo, The Butcher’s Wife then revamped their wine programme to focus solely on wines that are organic, biodynamic, natural, and sustainable. Since making the switch to champion a 100 per cent gluten-free lifestyle in 2017, this natural wine programme compliments one of the most exciting chapters the Tiong Bahru backstreet bistro will soon embark on: a shockingly simple approach to gluten-free dining by new Brazilian head chef Mariana Campos that favours all manner of funk, is great for the gut and delicious to the very end.

To cater to diners and regulars who cannot get enough of these natural wine offerings and a pandemic that’s changing the way we eat and drink, The Butcher’s Wife has launched Singapore’s very first brick and mortar natural wine retail space. Curated by Drunken Farmer, retail offerings include popular labels that diners have discovered while dining at The Butcher’s Wife, including its monthly 5 Bites 5 Wines event organised in collaboration with Drunken Farmer and many more surprises, at to-go prices.

As we see more natural wine lovers and converts in our midst, their curiosity to taste and drink a variety of labels and producers has been encouraging. This provides an avenue for them to buy and take away the wines we have carefully sourced from around the world. If during a meal at The Butcher’s Wife, a diner likes a wine from a particular producer, they can buy another varietal from the same producer to try at their own time.” shares Bayo.

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