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Posted by bydanieleng
March 28, 2020

Food Delivery: The "Will They, Won't They" Conundrum Now Answered, COVID-19 Style

Food delivery has long been that last barrier to break for most mid-to-upscale F&B businesses when it comes to embracing the shifting preferences of today's modern consumer. Plagued by traditional mindsets that delivery is only reserved for the fast food boys, then the sky-high commissions that rolled along with the advent of delivery apps, and for most mid-to-upscale F&B businesses, believing that they're shortchanging customers an experience that's part of the value proposition – most just end up dismissing the next Grab or Deliveroo sales representative, on the standard "we're not there yet" rejection line. Well, for these three homegrown F&B groups (and many more), it turns out we are.

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