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Welcome to Bytes Station — and the future of commuter retail

From the same people who brought you ELLA the robot barista, Crown Digital, comes the first of some 30 robot barista lifestyle experiences set to takeover MRT stations across Singapore. First stop? Fuelling up the working and working out crowd in the CBD with a tech-enabled pit-stop for gourmet coffee and protein-loaded sandwiches and smoothies.


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Here's all you need to know about Bytes Station



One-part tech-enabled, grab-and-go sandwich and smoothie kiosk; one-part ELLA, Singapore’s first fully autonomous, AI-powered robot barista, Bytes Station builds on ELLA’s IoT-connected ecosystem—fully contained with its own mobile app, payment gateway and e-wallet—to operate all customer-facing functions, and incorporates digital lockers and self-order terminal for its sandwich and smoothie offerings. The end result? A contactless, frictionless, end-to-end retail experience.



Launched in strategic partnership with Stellar Lifestyle, SMRT’s commercial unit, it is the first blueprint of robot barista lifestyle experiences set to mapped across 30 MRT stations in Singapore by end-2022.

This landmark deal is Crown Digital’s second rail network collaboration following ELLA’s deployment in Japan at JR East’s Tokyo and Yokohama stations.



Catered for busy executives and fitness junkies within the CBD, Bytes Station serves up gourmet coffee brewed by ELLA’s six-axis robot arm, along with a curation of scrumptious sandwiches, wraps and smoothies by the Crown Coffee team—with protein-loaded options courtesy of partners SportyFood and Myprotein—all accessible on-the-go and complete with nutritional info via the ELLA mobile app.



In an industry that’s constantly faced with manpower woes and social distancing regulations, Bytes Station serves as a demonstration of how robotics, artificial intelligence and IoT solutions can be purposefully designed to support lean staffed operations in delivering a contactless and frictionless end-to-end retail experience.

As the first blueprint, and with emerging technologies on the rise, the potential for advancement is ripe. Known for her six-axis robotic arm that can produce up to 200 cups of quality gourmet coffee an hour, ELLA’s latest upgrade incorporates an artificial intelligence-powered vision system with live video analytics monitoring that keeps an eye on operations round-the-clock to spot abnormalities such as spillage and foreign objects, while deep learning and predictive analytics keeps the supply chain running for its replenishment needs. Future advancements include using robotics to automate the sandwich pressing functions—a step towards a fully autonomous operations.

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Bytes Station ordering guide


Step 1


First things first, download “ELLA, The Robot Barista” app via your mobile app store for easy ordering across Bytes Station, ELLA at Plaza Singapura, and the upcoming 29 robotic barista lifestyle concepts around Singapore’s MRT stations. Choose Bytes Station @ Raffles Place as your intended location.

Step 2


Choose and update your preferred payment for mobile optimised transactions. Users can also expect occasional perks and discounts by paying with credits stored in the ELLA wallet. We’ll give you a promo code that you can use at checkout for your complimentary media visit.

Step 3


A user-friendly interface provides an easy navigation to choose preferred meals and beverages. All menu listings come with nutritional values and customising options at a tap of your fingers.

Step 4


Upon placing your order and payments, your meal will be prepared fresh in the kitchen, and ELLA’s six-axis robotic arm will start on your coffee order. Once ready, you will be notified for collection via the digital lockers or ELLA’s pigeonholes with a quick scan of your QR code.

Tasting notes & what's on the menu

From $10.90

Signature Ciabatta Sandwiches

Sundried tomato ciabatta-based sandwiches adapted from the original Crown Coffee in three juicy, comforting variations. Pesto Chick for grilled chicken thigh dressed in house pesto; Pesto Ribeye for a swap of sliced ribeye; and a Rendeng Ribeye sauced in a familiar coat of spice.

From $6.90

Sourdough sandwiches

Fans of sourdough and those seeking a crunchier bite can opt for a trio of deli-inspired variants that include a Roasted Ribeye and its Pesto Chick counterpart that stuffs generous slices of meat, arugula and mozzarella with house pesto and mustard; or a Avo-Truffle Sourdough for a classic open-faced slice topped with freshly smashed avocados and an earthy hit of truffle cream cheese.

From $10.90

Croissant sandwiches

Lighter and fluffier options come in Croissant sandwiches with stand-outs that include an Italian-inspired Avo-Caprese Croissant wedged with roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh avocado and buffalo mozzarella with a finishing drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette; or a Jalapeno Ribeye Croissant that contrasts roasted green jalapeno and caramelised onions for a sweet and slightly spicy kick.

Pump up the protein

Upgrade to SportyFood bakes

Offered as an option for fitness enthusiasts and diet watchers, customers can upgrade their sandwiches or croissants to be made using SportfyFood’s Bauletto or Croissant that are formulated to be low in carbohydrates and enriched with proteins.


Hot Pockets

Those seeking a less messy bite select from a trio of tortilla wraps. The ultimate breakfast-to-go comes in the form of a Power Brekkie stuffed with staples of chicken sausage, hard-boiled eggs, bacon and caramelised onions; while a Chicken Mango & Brie Pocket presents a refreshing ooze of chicken thigh bits, brie, mozzarella, bbq sauce and a tropical lift of mango salsa.

From $5.90


Sweetened with gula melaka and blitzed with flax seeds for added fibre, the Summer Acai Coconut (S$7.90) blends acai, mango, coconut water and flakes for a tropical quencher while Milk N Cookies offers a moderately indulgent sip of chocolate biscuits and milk.

Customers fresh off their gym in the vicinity can also give their smoothies a boost by adding Myprotein’s Impact Whey protein powder to any of their preferred smoothies with a top-up of just $1.


Fresh Fruit Juices

Light boosts of vitamins come in immunity-boosting fruit juices such as the 24 Crown Carats that blends carrots, apples and oranges; and the Pineapple Sunrise for an anti-inflammatory punch of pineapple, ginger and apple.

From $3.50

Gourmet Coffee by ELLA

Your caffeine fix is made easy, quick and completely autonomous and contactless at Bytes Station. Flanked on right, you'll find ELLA on standby with her six-axis robot arm, ready to brew your preferred cuppa joe with high-quality Buscaglione Coffee beans that are ground-to-order, freshly frothed milk and a suite of customised options. She can prepare up to 200 cups of coffee an hour with technology such as deep learning, predictive analytics, AI-powered computer vision—all sealed safely behind Gorilla Glass protective panels—to keep everything running on the up and up.

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