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Welcome to boCHINche's new Club Street home

Bigger and bolder on all fronts, Singapore’s foremost Argentinian steakhouse is settling into its new home with a bold new look, a refreshed menu, and a modern makeover of the age-old steakhouse experience.

More than just a new address

Here's what is new and improved at boCHINche's new home


A modern-day steakhouse experience

An expanded open kitchen and grill that flanks the entire length of the restaurant allows for bolder culinary ambitions where head chef Fabrice Mergalet leads his team in elevating the age-old steakhouse experience through a refreshed menu. Modern cooking techniques lend themselves to new dishes with unexpected ingredient and flavour combinations, with lighter, brighter flavours and more varied protein options featured more prominently to widen its appeal beyond its prized steaks.


Culinary ambitions beyond Latin America

Only the best ingredients are sourced seasonally from around the world all year long, with inspiration drawn freely from culinary traditions beyond Latin America, and across the world. While Argentinian beef remains the heart and soul of boCHINche, a renewed emphasis has been placed on the brand being an authority on high quality cuts of beef from around the world. Today, BoCHINche offers a proud selection of carefully selected, grass-fed beef imported directly from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan.


Bringing out the best in beef

A new dry-aging fridge allows beef to be dry-aged in-house—typically for 35 to 38 days—using traditional methods, with an added coating of beef tallow that helps enhance the aging process while introducing new dimensions of flavours. Steaks are cooked using traditional grilling techniques over its wood and charcoal grill using a combination of cherry, apple and jarrah wood to achieve a lightly charred crust and irresistible, smoky aroma that best highlights the natural flavours of the beef.


A fresh new look

The new location is not only bigger but features a fantastic layout that allows the open kitchen and grill to be feature more prominently, and the dining room is illuminated with natural light through a glass encased stairwell. Creative director Jerry Sparks drew inspiration from tribal design and soviet modernism to create a fresh new look that contrasts an overall masculine elegance with fun, quirky elements throughout.

Easily recognisable from a textured facade cladded in panels of rustic recycled wood pieces, step into the space and immediately notice the difference as tribal design-inspired interiors exude an undeniable masculine elegance, contrasted with quirky, fun elements throughout.
A long tabletop open kitchen stretches across the entire length of the restaurant into the dining area, where a nod to soviet modernism design, clean, elegant lines of wood panelling, marble surfaces, and brass fittings are further accentuated with warm lighting.
A glass enclosed stairwell illuminates the dining area with natural light throughout the day, where large panels of dark red marble naturally streaked with black, grey, and white were chosen to resemble the texture of well-aged meat, and cut at angle to piece seamlessly across concrete grey walls.
Geometrically shaped lights add a fun, angular pattern throughout the space, while table legs are wrapped with colourful tribal prints and topped with pops of red and yellow.

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Tasting notes


Argentinian spring roll, pig ears, jalapeno, piquillo, scallion, coriander & brown miso mayo

Crispy Argentinian Spring Rolls are filled with tender, richly flavoured chopped pig ears, cut with an aromatic mix of jalapeño, piquillo, scallion, and coriander. A sweet, savoury brown miso mayo brings it home.


Rutini Torrentés 2018 (Mendoza, Argentina)

A unique, light bodied white wine with distinctive floral aromatic character. Enticing aromas of white peaches are accompanied with hints of jasmine and rose. On the palate, it has pleasant freshness with citrus notes, beautiful structure, and acidity with a long and full finish.


Provolone cheese & smoked ham, confit onion, pimento & oregano

A new flavour joins boCHINche's signature trio of hand-cut beef, chicken and corn empanadas. An elevated take on the quintessential ham and cheese pairing in the style of the famous Argentinian street snack is stuffed with rich provolone cheese, smoked ham, sweet confit onions and pimento


Burrata, fermented medley tomato, avocado mousse & orange cosmos

A plump, milky ball of artisanal Italian Burrata is paired with a medley of lacto fermented tomatoes that cut through each creamy spoonful with refreshing fizzy pops on the palate, dotted with avocado mousse and edible orange cosmos—adding an element of the unexpected to the classic combination of burrata and tomatoes.

$23 (gls) / $90 (btl)

Animal Malbec 2019 (Mendoza, Argentina)

It is expressively fruity and fresh. With notes of plums, cherries, blackberries and currants. These flavours are consistent with the characteristics of this varietal. In the mouth it unleashes its full potential, combining soft tannins with an elegant and personal structure.


Quail, salt crust roasted beetroot, berries, buttermilk, hazelnut & garden leaves

More than just a beautifully charcoal grilled bird, the tender quail is accompanied with earthy flavours of salt-crusted roasted beetroot, crunchy roasted hazelnuts, and tangy berries that all come together with a rich buttermilk sauce.


Arg prawn, scallop tartare, “Bomba Arroz Verde” Manchego & Spiced Mix Leaves

Bomba Arroz Verde is a classic Spanish-style that we've topped with grilled Argentinian prawns, while raw scallop bites are folded throughout the rice and glazed with a stock made using seafood trimmings, resulting in a satisfying, creamy consistency while still remaining blissfully dairy-free.


Ojo de Bife | Rib Eye Steak | ARG 300g (Wet aged)

From the grass-fed Pampas cows to the unique beef cuts and special Asado cooking techniques, Argentinian beef has long been considered some of the world's best. Here is a classic Argentinian rib eye, which is one of the juiciest cuts of the beef with exceptional tenderness and marbling.

$25 (gls) / $95 (btl)

Siesta Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 (Mendoza, Argentina)

A wonderful red tone with violet reflections, clean and very bright. In the nose there is an explosion of cherry fruit, fresh raspberry and plum. Toasty scents and subtle hints of vanilla are indications of the wine's passage through small oak barrique. The entry in the mouth is juicy, filling up the sense of taste with an invasion of fruits, honey, a touch of caramel, and gentle notes of minerals and mint; further adding to the interesting character of this wine.


Solomillo | Sirloin Steak | AUS 300g (Wet aged)

With the focus on bringing the best cuts of beef from around the world, we've chosen to replace one of the signature Argentinian sirloin cuts with a flavoursome loin cut of Australian beef with beautiful marbling.


Vintage Galiciana Striploin bone in aged 38 days MBS 3+ | AUS 400g

Hailing from the rolling hills of Gippsland, Australia, the Bone-In Vintage Galiciana Striploin is dry-aged for 38 days with a marble beef score of 3+. A breed that originated from the Galician region of Spain where farmers have been deliberately breeding older animals for their deeper, more complex flavours, these Australian cattles graze on pastures for at least five years, resulting in a remarkable yellowish hue, well-muscled texture and a rich, beefy flavour. We dry-age the beef it in-house using a traditional method by adding a coat of beef tallow, which enhances the aging process while introducing new dimensions of flavours.


Hand cut chips “Provençal”


Roast cauliflower, pine nuts, raisins & pistachio pesto


Grilled heritage heirloom carrots, spices & caramelized walnuts


White chocolate cheesecake, seasonal fruits, crumble & milk ice cream

An interesting contrast of equally prominent sweet and savoury notes, the richness of both chocolate and cheese are tempered with seasonal fruits and rounded off with milk ice cream and crumble


Espresso martini crème brulee, & brown sugar ice cream

A post-dinner coffee, dessert and nightcap all in one boozy, caffeinated sweet treat.

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